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12.11.03 Reboot

Kat and I are rebooting. We have acknolwedged our previous success, and we're moving on. Today, we start the program again with fresh eyes. We look at ourselves as if we're at the beginning. This will be helpful.

In my case, I have 40 pounds to lose to get to the end of this evolution (see my Journal post to understand what I mean). That end goal is now May 2nd, 2004. I will begin all efforts anew. I will eat 100% on plan. I will drink all my water. I will practice all the self-esteem efforts that keep me focused on this plan.

Most of all, I will stow the success I had before, and work on creating some new progress. It's too easy to sit still. I'm moving forward. In many aspects of my life. Keep this in mind. If you get to a point where you're patting yourself on the back while slipping up here and there, it's time for a reboot.


12.10.03 The Power of Good Abs

So why do people spend so much time on their abs? You think it's so they can have the washboard? Well, for some it might be, but for others, it's all about gaining good trunk strength.

I am getting stronger and stronger in my midsection. What this helps with are anything I do with my legs, and anything I do with my chest, back, and arms. In short, all the work I put into my trunk is coming straight back around to give me support for my other efforts.

I'm really happy about this. I'm getting more and more crunches, more and more flutter kicks. In fact, I can't wait to see what swimming will be like this coming year. I imagine that's really going to show the most advance.

It's neat feeling better and better about my body.


12.08.03 Forty Four Pounds and Still Going

This Sunday, I weighed in at 246. I haven't been this light since some time in High School. And better still, that includes a lot more muscle weight than I had in the past. That's a nice feeling.

I said to Kat yesterday: "How much longer until I look like I'm a superhero when I'm dressed in my longjohns?" There's still plenty of belly and flab around, but it's definitely on the run. I'm not complaining about it.

I'm still fairly weak at my pushups. I can do granny ones with no problems at all, but when I switch to full body pushups, I'm still fairly weak. I think I'll sneak in an extra set of them on Wednesday or Friday every week. Probably Friday.

Regarding nutrition, I slipped off my efforts over the last few days, because Kat had the flu and I was taking care of things at home. I still have some emotional eating triggers that I wish I didn't have. One is when Violette won't exactly settle for Kat at night. But, I'm combatting them.

Lots more water. I need TONS more water. I have to get my Nalgene bottle out of the car. That'd help. If all I have is a coffee cup, all I drink is coffee.

I'm giving up soda today. Ouch.


12.03.03 Doing Well

I have lost a steady two pounds a week, give or take, since August 4th. I'm pushing my cardio up a little at a time. I have plans to do all kinds of additional things to up the ante.

I'll be back in January.